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To the future...2004 sucks

I used to think that things would be cool when the year 2000 came. But there're not. In fact this decade sucks. It doesn't even have a name. We have sixteen more years more until 2020 gets here and we even have a decent name to stick to the current time period again. I'm not sure why this bothers me so much, but it does.

Oh yeah and in 2004 our economy really sucks. A man can't even get a burger job out here in this stupid little town I live in. I think it's a greater metaphor for the decay of the United States of America. Instead of fixing the economy and creating jobs for people to work in the government is busy fighting over wether or not gay people can get into the "holy" process of marriage and subquent process of divorce. (First the military, now marriage. Why do these people wish to be a part of our worst institutions so badly?) We're also busy invading foriegn countries in the search for oil. And collectively destroying our scarce remaining brain cells with 'Reality TV' shows in which people try to eat eachother on desert islands or convince their families that they want to marry some loser for a lot of money. And our government's been taken over by religious kooks. And every other country in the world wants to kill us.

I could write more but since you future bastards are so far removed from us I doubt you'd care. Your probably just lazily reading this as part of your damn history project on our sleazy era and can't wait to get back to your sex robots or whatever the fuck you future people do.
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