ILK (ex_ilk) wrote in dear_tomorrow,

Great to see activity here. (update)

Another meeting time and place has passed with nothing to report.
I showed up and absolutely nothing happened. The message this time was carved in cement in the interior of a bridge construct (out of weather.. at least for a few hundred years I imagine). Again, it was exhilirating. The meeting place was home this time, so I was a bit nervous at first that some kook found my message and decided to give me a fun scare. But the time passed and nothing happened. There were a LOT of earthquakes during the time period nearby in the bay area. Coincidence, of course, but of note.

The next one will be in a traditional time capsule. Any ideas after that? I was thinking of trying to place the message in several forums (where applicable and on topic/not against the rules) on the net, hoping at some time in the future all archived information will be fully searchable and part of some consciousness. Saturation for survival! Hmm.

If any of you plan on trying your own experiments, please let the community know how it turns out.

I love the parallel universe concept. Imagine that somewhere, in another dimension, we have altered the course of humanity by our actions. I told a close friend this tonight. He felt uncomfortable with the concept, saying he'd feel guilty or concerned about doing that.

I say.... no. Not crossing the oceans and staying put would have saved millions of lives. But while that may be true, it also would have caused the demise of equal or perhaps even greater numbers. This kind of fear response is primitive and has almost nothing to do with morality. It is simply the fear of the unknown. You cannot save the lives of those who have not yet lived, as much as you cannot kill them without knowing who they are.

I came away from this non-encounter with an interesting idea floating around in my brainpan. Every moment in "time" is recorded in collective human memory and is accessible through common elements of dna. In other words, all that exists in what we now call dna that does not serve a specific, identifiable purpose, contains the whole of human, pre-human and yes... post human existance. Pretty heavy considering what I was thinking a moment before that....

how good a chili dog would be. Kinda blew me away.
Maybe I wasn't alone there after all.

Or maybe, just maybe....

I'm a nutcase.
Well, either way, I'm having a blast being alive and just asking the questions out loud instead of internally.
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