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Very Brief Recap of 2004 election

No one posts here anymore, so what the hell, I'll do it myself. I voted for Kerry so I'll be as objective and impartial as I can be.

This election like the previous one in 2000 was one of the most devisive political battles in American history. Incumbent Republican President George Bush of Texas defended his position against Senator John F Kerry of Massachusetts. President Bush attained his office in one of the most suspect elections of all time, many accusations have been made over the supposed disenfranchisment of voters in regions of Florida likely to vote for his opponent Al Gore. For further information on theories on electoral fraud look at http://www.algorewon.org/ and/or the career of documentary film maker Micheal Moore.

The election was close because of such issues as a lackluster economy in which 1.6 million jobs were said to have to been lost and fear of a major terrorist attack upon U.S. soil such as we endured on September 11th 2001. President Bush capitalized on what was percieved as a lack of leadership in the challenger Kerry and was able to convince many Americans of this when the senator was slow to respond to series of 'Swift Boat' commericials attacking his service in the Vietnam war. Prior to this ad campaign Senator Kerry had a not great but sizable lead over the President due to the bad economy and fear that the President was too far right and pushing a Christian Fundamentalist agenda upon the nation. Bush's re-election was always in doubt because of a pre-emptive war against Iraq justified by fear that Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussien was building an arsenal of thermonuclear and/or biological weapons with which he would inflict mass devestation upon the United States. This war was initially very popular however after the U.S. forces took control of Iraq there were no weapons of mass destruction found and the war became increasingly bloody, there have been more then 1100 US deaths confirmed so far in the conflict and Iraqi deaths have been stated to be as high as 100,000.

On the eve of the election there was a slight edge to Mister Bush in the polls, but rumors of a massive turnout gave hope to John Kerry. On the day of the election the massive turnout occured but it pushed President Bush to victory as it was a big push by fundamentalist Christians rather then a high turnout of college age people who had been shown to favour John Kerry in polls. The biggest weakness of the Democratice party throughout the election (and just in general these days) was that it was seen as being anti-Christian and thusly unelectable in many areas. The Fundamentalist turnout was largely due to fear of Kerry promoting a homosexual agenda as the Senator's home state of Massachusetts became the first state for legalize gay marriage. This fear of homosexuals was quite obvious when one saw that thirteen states passed initiatives banning gay marriage during the election. Also used was proganda stating the liberal senator would pass legislation banning the Christian Bible upon being put into power, this I must say was an absolute dirty lie but it worked wonderfully much like the rest of the Republican Party's spin machine. The democrats lost this election because of failure to fight back early against the Conservative controlled media (as lead by Fox News), when they saw Kerry hesistant to defend himself it was easy for the GOP to label him a 'girlie man' and then say that Kerry would be so weak on defense as to allow the US to be invaded and conquered by a foriegn nation.

The election itself was narrowly decided in the electorate, though Bush prevailed by slightly bigger margins in the popular vote. In the end it came down to the electoral votes of the state of Ohio, counting votes in this state took until early next morning but in the end Bush won and John Kerry conceded.

Half of the country is very happy right now, another half is not. I am in the second category. With victories in Congress over the Democrats the Republicans now control the entire system and putting absolute power in the hands of one group of people does not seem to be such a good idea to me.
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