Right Wing Leftist (biggd) wrote in dear_tomorrow,
Right Wing Leftist

Science and religion

Dear year 2104:

Do a number of people in the future still think the Earth is only 6,000 years old? Cause in my science class a few days ago a good number of people stated they believe just that, and that science is all lies and all the fossils and stuff were formed by Noah's flood, or by the devil to make men disbelieve in Genesis.

Estimated ages of the Earth by the supposed academic elite of America:

4.5 Billion (Me)
49 million
19 million
5 million
4,000-6,000 years
2004 years

I don't see why all the scientists would lie about the Earth being old. They merely are trying to prove things, whereas the organized religions have the goal of world domination.
Or maybe America's not as dumb as I think and this just because I live in a small town.
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