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Historic Day

We finally found proof that there was once water on Mars. And if there was water there once, then there probably was life there at some point too. Even if it wasn't sentient life. Of course America is a country in decline as I write this, no one on the street has heard of this momentous scientific discovery. Let me tell you in sad detail what they ARE concerned.

Meanwhile back on Earth the Republican Party is wringing it's hands in fury over the fact that gay people are getting married in San Francisco. This in their opinion violates the holiness of a religious system that has more a half of the people wind up divorced and an almost as big group engaging in affairs. See back in 2004 there was this really powerful thing called Christianity and one it's early founders really hated gay people, so he wrote in their book of rules that there is a nebolous entity of astronomical heft called God that will punish you with fire for being gay. (Well amongst other things, this current religion has around 1000 commands. It also says a guy whos been dead 2,000 years now is coming back at any moment to eternally punish everyone who doesn't believe in their extremely odd views.) Because of this people are paying more attention to the gay marriage conflict then to the fact that our economy is in ruins and our President started a war that killed a bunch of our people and bunch of a country called Iraq's people because his imaginary friend God told him too. (Apparently God didn't know there were no weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, yeah so much for knowing and seeing everything.) The only good thing about the Gay Marriage fight is watching the big bad conservative empire squirm in terror of people they've so long called sissies.

You probably think all of this is very silly. But then you've undoubtabley invented another religious system to rule and block up your thinking by now. And though Christianity looks ancient and silly to you, your current crop of superstistions is obviously nothing to be laughed at. Hell I know that you would want to kill me with your future weapons for laughing at it, of that I am sure. Just don't put in a bunch of stuff about killing people for 'God' when you write your 31st century moral code.
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